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I Could Use Your Help


Hey guys its been a really long time. I know. But school and whatever. Anyway I would really appreciate it if you click on this link. Its not a scam I promise.

Help me win tickets to see one of my favorite bands! Thanks so much!

Love, June

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Happy Holiday Nails

Hey guys! So Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!! Much excite, such wow. Ya so here’s what mah nails are lookin like:

For the base color I used Pushing Your Luck from the Betsey Johnson collection by Sephora by OPI.

The silver is Lil Boa Peep by OPI. I wanted to use this magnetic nail polish to spice up the look. Finally I used Marshmallow by Essie for the polka dots. Hope ya like it!

Have a great holiday and enjoy the new year!
Love, June

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Cookies For Kids’ Cancer

Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Recently I have started a fundraising project for Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. The organization supports pediatric cancer research through bake sales and donation. If you want to help please make a donation here. A few members of my family have battled cancer so this cause is very important to me. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
-Love, June


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What’s Caught My Eye?

What’s up guys? I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or what but I’ve been super lazy (as you can tell from my lack of posting).But anyway I’m here again! This is similar to my Obsession post but here are some things that I’m really into these days.

-this is what I do with my life-

TV: Reign

The show is about Mary Queen of Scots and her engagement with the to-be king of France. As with all relationships, these two face endless obstacles. I really hate history but this show is really entertaining. The dresses that the girls in the show wear are incredible and wish I could go to a fancy ball or something to have a chance to wear dresses like theirs. They also always have pretty crystals and flowers woven into to their hair, I applaud the hair and costume design.

Music: Dreaming- Smallpools

You can check out their super cool music video here! It’s an upbeat feel good song and I can’t stop listening to it!
Nails: OPI’s Make Him Mine
I think this color is such a pretty blush (and it’s sparkly!!!) It one of the many liquid sand polishes in the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection.
Have a fantastic weekend!
-Love, June
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My Reading Nook

Whaaaaaaaaaaats up!?!  Hi yall,so I thought I’d try to be cool and do a Polyvore thingy. I guess I’m blind or really oblivious but Polyvore has a Home section now? I’ve always wanted to decorate a house and I thought this would be a perfect way I see if I have any skills. You can be the judge:Reading Nook
Reading Nook by alwayssunnyinjune featuring a wall mounted shelving
You can’t probably tell but, um I happen to love books. There’s something so transporting about reading a good book. I love this book shelf because as a book lover I need all the space I can get. And how great is that sign? It describes me perfectly. Enjoy the weekend!
-Love, June
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Hey guys! As you probably noticed, I haven’t been posting that much. Currently I have so much work to do that I don’t ever have time to paint my nails! (for me that big) Anyway because of my lack of time to make multiple post imma just throw a bunch of  stuff into one post. Here we go:

What am I obsessing on these days?


This ones not really an obsession but here are my nails for this week.

Photo (3) Photo  Photo (2)

This month is October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I thought I’d go simple with a glitter heart and stripe of polka dots to show my support. I used Essie‘s Velvet Voyeur and Butter London‘s Rosie Lee for this look.


WALK THE MOON! Ok so this one is a real obsession. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Spotify these days(its like Pandora and ITunes in one) and I’ve been pretty much been only listening to Walk the Moon on it. I’ve heard Anna Sun, one of their songs, a while ago but I haven’t gotten really into them until now. Their music videos are the best by the way. And they do this really cool thing where they bring face paint to all their shows and everyone looks like they have war paint on.


Project Runway has always been one of my favorite shows. I love to see what the contestants come up and I just think how much of a fail I would be if I tried to do the stuff they do. The finale is coming up this  Thursday and I’m super excited.


My favorite book definitely has to be the Maze Runner. It’s one of those books of teens trying to survive being eaten and what not. The plot twist are awesome. The movie was scheduled to be released later this year but of course they’ve pushed it back to September 2014! Gahhh I can’t wait that long. But it’s good because it means that the movie will be really good because their taking time perfecting it. You might know that I really like the show Teen Wolf, and the main character in the Mazer Runner is being played by Dylan O’Brien!  It’s okay I don’t expect you to understand my fan girly-ness.

Yea so that’s whats happening with me right now. I hope you had a good Columbus Day? I don’t know do people really celebrate that? Till next time (could be in a few months because I’m really lazy)

-Love, June

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Quilted Leather!

It’s been a while. Sorry I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m here now. Recently I’ve aquired a new obsession and from the title I think you can guess what it is. I just ordered these boots, which inspired this post:

These are the Fergalicious boots by Fergi. Not only are they quilted but they also have studs! I had no idea that Fergi made shoes but I’m glad she does because I’m in love with these boots. I also have a pair of rainboots by Bootsi Tootsi that are quilted:

I love these boots! Sometimes I hope it rains just so I can wear them. While quilted leather looks great on boots, it also look awesome on pretty much everything. Heres a little polyvore thingy for ya guys:



Quilted Leather

Quilted Leather by alwayssunnyinjune featuring a black quilted handbag
SuperTrash dress, $145 / MuuBaa leather biker jacket, $815 / Nasty Gal black quilted skirt / Givenchy shoulder bag, $2,505 / Warehouse quilted backpack, $61 / Forever 21 black quilted handbag / Forever 21 bag
I really love this skirt from Nasty Gal. My cousin shops there all the time but I have’t checked it out. I definitely will be shopping there now. Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekend!
-Love, June

Tuxedo Stripe Nails

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! After spending the weekend at the beach my nails were way over due for a mani. Today I decided I’d be classy and do some tuxedo inspired nails.


This look is super easy. The white I used is Essie‘s Marshmallow. I really like this color because it’s not super bright. Also it’s a little transparent, so it has a hint of pink when you put it on. For the stripe I used Metal Madness by Elf. This color has a little shimmer to it, so it adds a little something more to my mani.


You want to make sure that the color you use for your tuxedo stripe has a small brush. I know OPI has wide brushes which is good for covering your whole nail with ease. However, for this it’ll be easier to make a clean line with a small brush. You can also use tape for to ensure a straight line.


Tell me what you think!
-Love, June

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Pinterest Favorites: Fall

Hey guys! Fall is coming up so that means cozy sweaters, boots and dark mani’s. Lately instead being productive I’ve been on Pinterest all day. Here are some of my favorites-

cozy sweater for fall dressed up with a mini skirt

I love this outfit. I think the skirt is so pretty and it contrasts well with the chunky sweater.

This jacket is so cute! Its perfect for when its cold but not cold enough for a heavy jacket. The jewelry is so pretty too.  It’s cool how she layered the short necklace with the long ones.

Rustoleum's NeverWet (invisible until it rains!)

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! They used Rustoleum’s NeverWet. It goes on clear so the letters are invisible until they get wet. I really want to try this!

been looking for these belt knots for awhile now!

I’ve always had extra belt after I buckle it and never know what to do with it. The Double Loop Knot is cute. All of these would work great around cardigans or dresses or even around jeans with a great top tucked into them. I will definitely be trying these out this fall.


This look it so pretty. I love the eyelet sweater and with the scarf, oh! The combo of two different colored scarves tied together and then draped with that beautiful gold necklace is so genius.

Two bundt cakes stacked on top of each other=pumpkin. Use spice cake and cream cheese frosting for a fall flavor cake.

Ohhhh! One of my favorite parts of fall is pumpkin spice- lattes, muffins, ice cream whatever. Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake. Sometimes I invite people over just to have an excuse to bake (and also so I don’t eat it all myself). Anyways, this it such a good Idea. Take two pumpkin spice bunt cakes and glue them together with cream cheese icing mmmm. This would be great for a Halloween party or Thanksgiving or just because.

Hope You liked my favorites. You can follow me on pinterest and see more of my pins HERE. Its under a different name so don’t be confused, it’s still me. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

-Love, June

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Overnight Waves

Ugh so unfortunately summer is coming to a close. The first day of school is like the ultimate judgment day. Everyone wears the best that they’ve got and stares everyone else down to see how they compare. Whenever I go back to school I like to have pretty hair but curling my hair takes too much effort. However this is a new technique to achieve big bouncy waves that will leave you stress free in the morning.


Make sure you do this before bed because if you walk around you’ll look a little crazy. After you take a shower separate your hair into sections. Depending on the thickness of your hair you could have 2-4 sections. Then take one section and separate it in half. Then it all starts with a knot-


It’s knot anything fancy (see what I did there?) Like you would tie your shoes, just make a simple knot. You can twist the strands a little to get more of a curl to your waves. Then just keep knotting until you get to the bottom.


My hair is kinda long so I was able to get about four knots in for each section. I used those really tiny elastics to make sure my knots wouldn’t fall out while I slept. If you take showers in the morning you can do the same thing just use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Then once it’s dry take out the knots and enjoy the waves.


Top it off with hair spray and your good to go. Tell me what you think. Have a great weekend!
-Love, June

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