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My Favorite Websites

on April 27, 2012

For fashion I like to go on and I am a dedicated reader of both magazines.

Teen Vogue has has the latest trends covering fashion, beauty, and celebrities. Don’t be fooled by the “teen”. All the styles are completely wearable for ladies well out of their teens. They have many helpful how-to videos and other cool stuff. If you aren’t subscribed to the magazine, don’t worry. You can find all the articles featured in the current issue. However, if you do decide to subscribe, they usually offer a free bag with your purchase.  My absolute favorite feature of the website is the “Win It!” page. Each month a new set of prizes can be won. This month they have a prom pack including nail polish strips, whitening strips, contacts, lip balm, mascara, and acne treatment. Each month there is usually nail polish, clothing,  perfume, and other cool stuff. They also have career advice for young fashion aspire-rs like me.

Instlye also has many articles about the latest fashion, beauty, and celebrity trends. They have many lists of the best beauty buys. I recently bought a product for scrunching hair called Redken Wool Shake, that was featured on one of their lists. Instyle has more articles and pictures of celebrity style than Teen Vogue does. They have many tips to complete your outfits. They also have a game called Instant Stylist. You can test your fashion skills by finding the right piece to complete the outfit. Every month I am always so excited to see whats in the magazine has in store. I am never disappointed.

For jewelry my absolute favorite is

Jewel Mint  is one of those websites where you take a quiz and based on your style they recommend jewelry pieces you may like. Who is “they”, you make ask. Cher  Coulter and Kate Bosworth! Every month you get a new showroom(page with pieces just for you). Each piece is $29.99.  Say you don’t like any of the jewelry they have for you this month, no problem. You can skip the month and get a credit. Then the next month you can get a piece of jewelry for free! That’s right, don’t buy any thing for the whole month and get a free piece free the next month. Credits last one year but are also accumulative. So far i have only had to pay for one item out of five. Sienna Miller, Rachel Bilson, Isla Fisher, Teresa Palmer, and Emmanuelle Chriqui have all been spotted wearing jewelry from Jewel Mint. Other “Mint”s include Stlye Mint designed by the Olsen twins, Shoe Mint designed by Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez, Beauty Mint designed by Jessica Simpson and Nerida Joy, and Home Mint designed by Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley.

Check them out!

-Love, June


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