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DIY Jewelry Organizers

on May 2, 2012

For I while I have been sick of this tacky jewelry organizer i got from Claire’s when i was younger. I hung it from the door nob to my closet and it would always scratch my closet door. Finally i looked up ways to make your own jewelry organizers. Image

This one is for necklaces. I was pretty happy when i came across this DIY project because it’s really not even a project. It’s so easy. You just get a cork board and hang stuff from it. I got mine from AC Moore. I don’t remember how much it was, but it was a pretty good price. If you want to spice it up a little, you can get colored push pins. I just got clear ones because the store didn’t have much variety.


This next one is for earrings as you can see. Yes, those are sushi earrings. This one was pretty easy too, but requires a little bit more skill. The frame is from Target out of a set I had lying around. I bought the tulle and pom poms at AC Moore. I basically cut a white piece of paper to fit the inside of the frame and glued it to it. There is usually a white piece of paper already in there so you can use that. Then i took a long piece of tulle and folded it until there was about five layers of tulle. Then i cut the tulle to fit slightly bigger than the inside of the frame. Then i sewed on the pom poms. Next I hot glued the tulle to inside of the frame and voila! I keep all of the backs to my earrings in a box right next to my earring holder so i can wear them easily. To customize your earring holder a little more you can put colored or patterned paper on the inside of your frame. Also you can use colored tulle or pom poms. My tulle is actually a light blue, but you can’t really tell.

I haven’t really found a good way to store my bracelets yet. Right now they are crammed in a little ceramic cupcake i made at Color Me Mine. It’s really cute.

Hope you guys try this. Tell me if it turns out okay.

-Love, June


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