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Bath Junkie!

on May 4, 2012

Hey! I was recently given a gift from Bath Junkie. It called body dessert and it’s absolutely amazing. You rub it all over your wet skin after you shower. Then you just towel dry it off. It makes your skin super soft. If you haven’t heard of Bath Junkie it’s this amazing place to make customized bath products. They have everything from creams, shampoos, soaps and scrubs. The best part is choosing a scent. They have quite large array of scents and you can mix as many as you want. Scents I love are watermelon, cucumber melon, lemon verbena raspberry, and mango coconut. After you pick a scent it’s time to choose the color. They have many colors to choose from. The only thing is that the color tends fade after awhile. But besides that the products are awesome! There are stores in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. If you live near one of their stores I suggest you check it out right now. Also gift cards make great gifts. Check it out!

-Love, June


One response to “Bath Junkie!

  1. chasingthefabulous says:

    I love Bath Junkie!

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