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Allison From Teen Wolf

On monday I watched this week’s episode of Teen Wolf. Its a show on MTV based on the 1985 film where a teen discoversthe is a werewolf. Yes, I admit its sounds incredibly stupid, but its acctually really good. Theres action, love interests, friendship, and conflicts. Anyway on the show one of the characters, Allison (Crystal Reed), was wearing this pretty braid.

I think her hair looks amazing and if my hair was longer I would definitely try it out.

-Love, June

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All Tied Up

I’ve had these converse for a while. I laced them with these sea green (calypso) Nike laces. The laces are crazy long and I had to tripple knot them to use up the extra string. I stopped wearing them because I thought the giant knot I would tie them with looked redicluous. The I fould this pictures of different ways to tie your shoes and I thought I would be cool to try them.

Since my laces are long they were perfect for trying out these cool styles. On my right foot I have the 5th stlye. On my left foot I have the 13th stlye. Since my I still had a lot of excess of the laces i tucked them in.

Hope you try it out!


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Summer Whites

Summer Whites

Summer Whites by alwayssunnyinjune featuring an ivory shirt

Rachel Gilbert georgette dress
$328 –

Zipper dress
$110 –

SELECTED lace tank
£54 –

Dorothy Perkins cami tank top
$29 –

Dorothy Perkins ivory shirt
$25 –

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Nail Polish Nerd

Hey guys I made this this website earlier this year and I haven’t updated it since but I thought i’d share it with you. Its all about nail polish and my favorite brands. Click Here!

-Love, June

P.S. I made the banner. Pretty impressive, right?


Summer Colors

-Love, June

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DIY’s I Want To Try

I’ve seen some cool DIY projects recently that I really want to try.

7 For All Man Kind Shorts by: All The Good Girls Go To Heaven

Ombre Scalloped Shorts by: Pixie in Pumps

Jersey Tank Top by: DIY Fashion

Shibori Tye Dye by: Honestly…WTF 

All of them look really cool. I relly want to mix the last two and make a tye dyed tank top!

-Love, June

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Baked By Melissa

Hey guys! Yesterday I went in New York City with some of my friends. We had an amazing time and did lots of shopping. Anyway we stopped at a small cupake window that sold mini cupcakes. The place was called Baked By Melissa.

They have many locations all over New York and deliver to anywhere in the US. Regular sized cupcakes are sweet and cute. Mini cupcakes are just as yummy and even more cute. But these cupcakes are even smaller than the average mini cupcakes out there( about the size of a quater!).

They are very moist and come in many delicious flavors. Even though the cupcakes are so small they somehow manage to fill some of them. My friends and I got a variety of all the delicous flavors including the “Mini of the Month”- Wedding Cupcake.

If you’re goind to be in New York any time soon you should definitely check out Baked by Melissa at on of their many locations. Don’t worry if you live in the US but no where near the city you can order some cupcakes for your next party.

Click here for more flavors, cupcake art, customized cupcakes, and more!

-Love, June


Instlye July 2012

Ahhh its June. Time to turn over a new leaf, new calender page, and Instlye magazine. A soon as I get my mail I always drop everything to read the new Instyle issue. In this issue I found many awesome items and trends. Among them was Kerry Washinton’s magazine cultch.It is designed to look like you holding a rolled up magazineI love this fun and colorful clutch made by Kate  Spade New York. Kate Spade is one of my designers and this bag certainly does not disappoint.

Another cool thing I saw was a collection of matching Essie polishes and Tkees flip- flops.

From the left the Essie Colors are: All Tied Up, Fear or Desire , Cascade Cool, Mojito Madness, Bikini So Teeny, Off the Shoulder.

These cute duos are perfect for summer and sitting poolside.

– Love, June

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Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

I found this amazing collection of asymmetric tulle dress. And when I say asymmetric I mean it. To check out these crasy designs click here.

Hope you like it!

– Love, June

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Cupcakes & Fashion

The other day my aunt brought over some amzing carrot cake cupcakes. She brought them in these cute cupcake wrappers.

Yum!The sides have purses, cherries, and flowers!

The best part is the bottom which says ” When a person is in fashion all they is right”

-Love, June

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