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Baked By Melissa

on June 11, 2012

Hey guys! Yesterday I went in New York City with some of my friends. We had an amazing time and did lots of shopping. Anyway we stopped at a small cupake window that sold mini cupcakes. The place was called Baked By Melissa.

They have many locations all over New York and deliver to anywhere in the US. Regular sized cupcakes are sweet and cute. Mini cupcakes are just as yummy and even more cute. But these cupcakes are even smaller than the average mini cupcakes out there( about the size of a quater!).

They are very moist and come in many delicious flavors. Even though the cupcakes are so small they somehow manage to fill some of them. My friends and I got a variety of all the delicous flavors including the “Mini of the Month”- Wedding Cupcake.

If you’re goind to be in New York any time soon you should definitely check out Baked by Melissa at on of their many locations. Don’t worry if you live in the US but no where near the city you can order some cupcakes for your next party.

Click here for more flavors, cupcake art, customized cupcakes, and more!

-Love, June


2 responses to “Baked By Melissa

  1. honeyjar1713 says:

    I love Baked By Melissa! When a friend of mine had a birthday earlier this year I wanted to bring a little something in for him to work, but had no idea of what his preference was. So I got him a small assortment from BBM. It went over really well!

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