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Nail Stickers

on January 5, 2013

L’oreal Paris- 3D Nail Lingerie

I think these are awesome because they’re clear. With opaque nail stickers there is usually only one color of each pattern. However, since these are clear you can pick any color in the world to put under the stickers. This makes your look more unique because yes someone else could have the same stickers but its unlikely for them to be wearing them with the same color as you. L’oreal Paris also makes opaque ones as well in many different patterns.

Essie- Sleek Sticks

These sleek sticks are UV- cured so that they will last for up to ten days. My usual manicure barely lasts a week so 10 days is pretty amazing. I like how some of these stickers have gems on them without looking tacky. I just wonder if they would fall off. From this collection I really like Oh My Gold and Over the Moon.

Sally Hansen- Salon Effects

We have probably all seen one of these patterns on someone somewhere. These nail stickers have been one of the first to become popular. I myself have tried the zebra and floral(different from the one shown in the picture above) ones. They are pretty easy to apply. I like how the strips are extra long and come in many sizes to fit any nail. You can see my review on them here.

Love, June


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