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My Golden Globe Favorites!

on January 14, 2013

I love award shows because I love seeing everyone’s beautiful dresses and hair. This years’ Golden Globes did not disappoint.

Jessica Alba

Her coral dress is stunning! The train flows so beautifully and her sparkling necklace really completes the outfit.

Jenifer Garner

I love the neckline and the red shimmer.

Anne Hathaway

Her new haircut is so cute! She really stands out in this sparkling white.

Jennifer Lawrence

I think her metal belt is really diffent and her earrings are a nice statement piece.

Emily Blunt

This gold lace cut out is so pretty! And I love the pop of color from her earrings

Sally Field

Sally Field

I love this color and the flowy-ness

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

This dress is so different than most dresses and so out there.

-Love, June


One response to “My Golden Globe Favorites!

  1. aiyanajane says:

    dont love lucy, or emily, but the rest all look stunning!

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