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Picture Perfect

on January 20, 2013

A while a go I made these antique frames. I told myself that I should spice up my walls and since I don’t have a head board it was really needed. I slowly started making more fames and thing so hang up. After a very long time I have finally hung them all (17)

I found this tecnique on Pinerest, where you use wax paper to hang many pictures perfectly.

photo (12) photo (13)

All you have to do is lay out all of your frames and things and get them in a layout that you like. Then turn all of them over and lay pieces of wax paper over them. Tape the paper together so that its one big piece. Then take a marker and mark each spot where you want a nail to be. Next you just tape your marked up wax paper to the wall.  Hammer in the nails and then rip off the paper and your ready to hang your stuff!

photo (15)  photo (14)  photo (16)

It was super simple. Hope you likke it!

-Love, June


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