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Rad Nails

on February 11, 2013


Boob Tube - Rad Nails - Nail Art WrapsCut It Out - Rad Nails - Nail Art Wraps

Rad Nails is this really cool website for nail art that my aunt showed me. They sell these really cool nail stickers. You can subscribe for a 3 or 6 month subscribtion and each month you will recieve a set of 20 nail stickers along with a nail file and cuticle stick. Each set is around $16-$20 and has a $5 fee for shipping outside of the US and free shipping within the US. It seems really cool but I’m not sure how great the quality the stickers are. They say that they can last from 2-7 days and they do have a refund policy which is good. I really like their designs but I do need to save my money. If any of you have tried Rad Nails I’d really like to hear a review.

-Love, June


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