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Valentine’s Nails, Hearts, and Kisses

on February 12, 2013

photo (33)

Valentine’s Day is only two days away but unlike most people I’ll be spending mine at home eating ice cream or something. Anyway this year I’m weirdly in the Valentine mood. I’ve painted my nails with glittery hearts and made cute little Valentines.

photo (32)   photo (30)

I painted my nails with Essie‘s “Bahama Mama” and hearts using Butter London’s “Rossie Lee”. Making the hearts is fairly easy. I’ve seen people cut out hearts in tape and use that as a stencil but why go through all that trouble? All you need to do is make two dots right next to each other and connect them in a “V” with a streched out bobby pin. If you want to make a bigger heart you can put a dot right below the two dots and connect them. Bobby pins are also great for making poka- dot nails.

photo (31)   photo (29)

I have this hear punch that I rarely use so I though Valentine’s day would be a good time. I punched out red white and pink hearts and taped Hershey Kissed on top. On the bottoms of the hearts I wrote little messages.

photo (28)

-Love, June


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