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Big Infintiy Scarf: Arm Knitting

on February 17, 2013

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s day. I just got this really nice, soft chunky yarn and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I love chunky yarn because its easy to use up and it’s so soft. I’ve been on Pinterst for about 60% of my free time because my life is just that interesting. On Pinterest I saw this thing about arm knitting and I was like well that looks kinda weird, you have yarn just hanging of your arms? But I thought it would be cool to try with new yarn my because arm knitting creates really big holes in your work. Here’s the video I used.

photo (37)

It’s a really different technique using your arms as knitting needles and the results are well worth it. Just make sure you don’t have anything planned before you  start this because you can’t really stop in the middle of your knitting if you have yarn haning on your wrists.

photo (38)

-Love, June


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