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DIY High Low Skirt

on March 11, 2013

photo (47)

I’ve been in a real DIY craze lately. High low skirts have been all over the media and I’ve been wanting one for a while. I found an old cover-up that I don’t wear any more and I thought it would be perfect for a DIY project. Whats even more awesome is that the cover-up is ombre!


The cover-up is from Joolay.

To start I cut off the top part but left about an inch or so of the elastic. This way I didn’t have to add an elastic band to hold up the skirt.

photo (48)

Then  I held up a skirt that has a good length up to my DIY skirt so I could get a sence of where to start cutting and how short it should be.

photo (46)

I also sewed a bit on the top because the band was too loose. When you sew make sure the skirt is inside out.

DSC_0213     photo (47)

You can put fray check or hem the edges. This is my finished product! Let me know what you think.


I also made a bandeau with the top of the cover-up.

-Love, June


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