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Dotoly- Storenvy

on April 26, 2013

I just found this amazing website that makes really cute jewelry. The site, Dotoly, is a store on, which is kind of like Etsy. Dotoly sells really cute animal jewelry and most of the peices are around $10.

Elephant Wrap Around Ring in Gunmetal Silver for MEN and WOMEN Sizes 4 to 15 Available

I really like this elephant ring. They have alot of wrap around rings like this but with different animals. I was thinking about getting it but I didn’t know if it would be too bulky or too out there.

I ended up getting two rings  which weren’t even animal rings but they’re cute.

SALE - Bow Tie Ribbon Knot Ring in Sizes 5 to 7   Feather Angel Wings Adjustable Ring in Silver with Textured Detail

I’m kind of nervous that I got ther wrong size ring but the angel wings ring is adjustable so that one should be okay. I super excited for these rings to come! Dotoly doesn’t just have animal jewelry if you think that stuff it weird. They have things like crosses, mustaches, and flowers too.

-Love, June


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