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Tees By Tina

on July 23, 2013

Hey guys! So I just came back from a long weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much seafood and ice cream before in my life! I really need to go for a run. Luckily my family and I rented bikes so I got a little bit of exercise while I was away. I stayed in Edgartown which had a really nice downtown area (actually all the towns in MV are really cute). One of the stores there was Tees By Tina. The store features a number of fitted tops, dresses, skirts, and bandeaus. They have a variety of colors and patterns the choose from.

All the styles come in one size fits most, which means that anyone can look good in Tees By Tina. I got a textured tank top- the Lattice Tank in Royal Purple.

wpid-0723131123  wpid-0723131124b

Their tank tops and camis work great for layering.

I also really like their dresses. They make their dress kinda long so that they can accommodate everyone. The lady at the store told me that you can just cut off however much you want from the bottom and the fabric just rolls up so you don’t have to do any hemming.

Tees By Tina have been featured in many magazines. Many celebrities have been spotted in these Tees as well. Their dresses also work great for maternity dresses too! And after your pregnancy you can still wear it. They have some great stuff. You can check out Tees By Tina by clicking here.

Love, June


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