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Daenerys Hair

on July 24, 2013

I don’t watch Game of Thrones but everyone I’ve talked to says that its really good. So the other day my cousins were over and I was on pinterest. I found this picture I was like look how cool this is!


My cousins were like oh that’s Daenerys’ hair. I was just like ok I don’t really know what/who that is. Anyway I think this hairstyle is really pretty and intricate. And then just randomly I was like you know what I can do this. So this is what I did on one of my cousins hair.




The pictures aren’t so good but yea so I did that. It’s just a bunch of 4 strand braids. It took a lot of bobby pins and hair ties. I don’t think this is a hairstyle that you can just wear around but it’s still really pretty.
-Love, June


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