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DIY Pleather Jacket

on August 6, 2013

Hey guys! Every summer brings new DIY projects and this summer is no exception. About two years ago I bought this pleather jacket from Forever 21.



It’s a bronzy-brown color which is nice but I feel like black suits my style better. I found that you can just dye it with fabric dye. I watched this video and everything and the woman in the video was so happy with the finished project. So I was like this seems easy and if it work for her than it should for me. Well that was a LIE. I don’t know what kind of pleather the woman used but mine didn’t even absorb the dye a little bit. I was so upset and I told my friend about it. She suggested that I use shoe polish and I was like pprshhheww mind blown. So that’s what I did and it doesn’t rub off or anything.


I used this Instant Wax Shine by Kiwi. I also used painters tape to cover the zippers and buttons on my jacket.


I started off laying my jacket face down on a tarp.


The shoe polish has a foam applicator that gets into crevices while covering large areas. I covered my jacket in sections that way it could dry better. This process is a little time consuming but that’s not a problem when you’re watching shark week.


The whole thing took me 3ish hours accounting for the time it took to dry.


I’m really happy how it turned out.


It’s kinda hard to tell in this picture but the fabric in between the zipper is the original brown. It really only took one coat with some touch up here and there. Tell me what you think!
-Love, June


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