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Ciaté Caviar Manicure

on August 9, 2013

Today I wanted to try out a trend that has been going for a while now- caviar nails.


I think its a fun and very different look. It also looks kinda difficult but really it’s pretty simple.
The colors that came in my kit are Lemon Fizz and Loop the Loop.


The pearls are a mix of fuchsia, royal blue, gold, and clear pearls. Yellow isn’t my favorite color but I really like it in this color scheme.


To apply the pearls all you have to do is pour some over your nail after a second coat of polish. It seems like it would be messy but if you’re careful and use the tray provided then you’ll be fine. An alternative to pouring the pearls right onto you nail is to dip your nail into the pearls instead.


First I poured some pearls into the tray and then gathered then into one corner. I think dipping your nail is actually less messy and gets the sides of your nail covered better.


Enjoy the weekend!
-Love, June


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