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Pinterest Favorites: Fall

Hey guys! Fall is coming up so that means cozy sweaters, boots and dark mani’s. Lately instead being productive I’ve been on Pinterest all day. Here are some of my favorites-

cozy sweater for fall dressed up with a mini skirt

I love this outfit. I think the skirt is so pretty and it contrasts well with the chunky sweater.

This jacket is so cute! Its perfect for when its cold but not cold enough for a heavy jacket. The jewelry is so pretty too.  It’s cool how she layered the short necklace with the long ones.

Rustoleum's NeverWet (invisible until it rains!)

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! They used Rustoleum’s NeverWet. It goes on clear so the letters are invisible until they get wet. I really want to try this!

been looking for these belt knots for awhile now!

I’ve always had extra belt after I buckle it and never know what to do with it. The Double Loop Knot is cute. All of these would work great around cardigans or dresses or even around jeans with a great top tucked into them. I will definitely be trying these out this fall.


This look it so pretty. I love the eyelet sweater and with the scarf, oh! The combo of two different colored scarves tied together and then draped with that beautiful gold necklace is so genius.

Two bundt cakes stacked on top of each other=pumpkin. Use spice cake and cream cheese frosting for a fall flavor cake.

Ohhhh! One of my favorite parts of fall is pumpkin spice- lattes, muffins, ice cream whatever. Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake. Sometimes I invite people over just to have an excuse to bake (and also so I don’t eat it all myself). Anyways, this it such a good Idea. Take two pumpkin spice bunt cakes and glue them together with cream cheese icing mmmm. This would be great for a Halloween party or Thanksgiving or just because.

Hope You liked my favorites. You can follow me on pinterest and see more of my pins HERE. Its under a different name so don’t be confused, it’s still me. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

-Love, June

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Homemade Strawberry Lemonade


This is such a yummy and refreshing recipe and it’s really simple. I was inspired by the lemonade stand that comes to my town fair sometimes called Lizzmonade. They make amazing fruity lemonade. I like to get mango pineapple, so good! Today was a hot one so I thought I’d try some Lizzmonade style lemonade.
What you’ll need:
A cup
Fruit of you choice
Some sort of masher


I’m using Trader Joe’s Low Calorie Lemonade. While most lemonade have a bunch of artificial stuff with way too much sugar, this one is all natural and sweetened with stevia.


First you cut up your desired fruit and put it in you cup. If your using small berries like blueberries or raspberries you don’t have to cut them. I used one medium sized strawberry but depending on how fruity you want it or how much your making you can give or take the amount.


Then you take you masher and mash that baby up!  I have no idea what this thing is called it’s just like a whisk kind of thing.


Now you’re ready for your lemonade! Pour some over your fruit and you’re done 🙂


Lizzmonade gives you a large straw so it’s easier to drink the fruit pieces but I only had a small straw so… Get creative with your fruit combos. If you want to be fancy you can add things like mint leaves.
-Love, June

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DIY Nail Decals


Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I found this really cool technique for making nail decals. It’s super easy and unique.

You’ll need:


*Nail Polish

*Plastic Bag

*Small Paper Punch

*Top Coat

Start by painting you decal color on a plastic bag. Make sure you paint enough so that you can cut out as many decals as you want. You want to do this step first so that it can dry as you paint the base color on your nails.


After your nails and the nail polish on the bag are dry, peel the nail polish off of the bag. Then take your hole punch and cut out as however many decals you need. I got my hole punch from a kit I was given a really long time ago. If you don’t have any punches you can cut out shapes with regular scissors.


Then just press your decal onto your nail. My cutouts were a little too big for my nails so I used a nail file to cut off the excess.


Just add top coat and you are done!

-Love, June

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DIY Galaxy Tank

I just realized that I’ve been blogging for over a year now. Thats crazy! I never imagined that I’d come so far and I could have done it without your support. Thanks!

Also, galaxy patterned things have been pretty popular for a while now. I decided to try our the trend with one of my old shirts. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as it seems.


First  I took a spray bottle and filled it with one part water and one part bleach. Next you just lay down your shirt on newpaper and spray away. I twisted parts of it to get different effects. Make sure to spray the back too.


image (1)image (2)

When your shirt is completely dry your ready to paint. All you need is a foam brush and fabric paint. I mixed the red and blue together to make purple but you could always buy a purple fabric paint if you perfer. There is no real tecnique to painting the shirt. I just blotted my shirt randomly with blue and purple, just be careful not to have too much paint on your brush.

image (3)

While your painting its going to look like a whole lot of nothing. Once you add dots of white for stars your shirt will look a lot more like a galaxy. After my paint dried I cut off the sleeves but thats optional. I also made it a high- low shirt to get rid of some holes. Heres the finished product!

0413131329_edit0 0413131329c_edit0


-Love, June


DIY High Low Skirt

photo (47)

I’ve been in a real DIY craze lately. High low skirts have been all over the media and I’ve been wanting one for a while. I found an old cover-up that I don’t wear any more and I thought it would be perfect for a DIY project. Whats even more awesome is that the cover-up is ombre!


The cover-up is from Joolay.

To start I cut off the top part but left about an inch or so of the elastic. This way I didn’t have to add an elastic band to hold up the skirt.

photo (48)

Then  I held up a skirt that has a good length up to my DIY skirt so I could get a sence of where to start cutting and how short it should be.

photo (46)

I also sewed a bit on the top because the band was too loose. When you sew make sure the skirt is inside out.

DSC_0213     photo (47)

You can put fray check or hem the edges. This is my finished product! Let me know what you think.


I also made a bandeau with the top of the cover-up.

-Love, June

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Mason Jars





-Love, June

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Big Infintiy Scarf: Arm Knitting

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s day. I just got this really nice, soft chunky yarn and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I love chunky yarn because its easy to use up and it’s so soft. I’ve been on Pinterst for about 60% of my free time because my life is just that interesting. On Pinterest I saw this thing about arm knitting and I was like well that looks kinda weird, you have yarn just hanging of your arms? But I thought it would be cool to try with new yarn my because arm knitting creates really big holes in your work. Here’s the video I used.

photo (37)

It’s a really different technique using your arms as knitting needles and the results are well worth it. Just make sure you don’t have anything planned before you  start this because you can’t really stop in the middle of your knitting if you have yarn haning on your wrists.

photo (38)

-Love, June

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My Crochet Slouchy Beanie

photo (34)

Last week I crocheted this beanie. Though I should have been studying I couldn’t help myself. Aside from a couple of stiches to get comfortable this was my first time crocheting.

photo (35)

I learned how to make this beanie from this video. It’s pretty easy to follow and learning from videos is great because you can go back as many times as you want. I used light yarn as opposed to medium yarn that was used in the video.

photo (36)I’m so happy with the way it came out! Beanies are a different way to change up your outfits.

-Love, June

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Valentine’s Nails, Hearts, and Kisses

photo (33)

Valentine’s Day is only two days away but unlike most people I’ll be spending mine at home eating ice cream or something. Anyway this year I’m weirdly in the Valentine mood. I’ve painted my nails with glittery hearts and made cute little Valentines.

photo (32)   photo (30)

I painted my nails with Essie‘s “Bahama Mama” and hearts using Butter London’s “Rossie Lee”. Making the hearts is fairly easy. I’ve seen people cut out hearts in tape and use that as a stencil but why go through all that trouble? All you need to do is make two dots right next to each other and connect them in a “V” with a streched out bobby pin. If you want to make a bigger heart you can put a dot right below the two dots and connect them. Bobby pins are also great for making poka- dot nails.

photo (31)   photo (29)

I have this hear punch that I rarely use so I though Valentine’s day would be a good time. I punched out red white and pink hearts and taped Hershey Kissed on top. On the bottoms of the hearts I wrote little messages.

photo (28)

-Love, June

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DIY’s I Want To Try: #3

Coin Charm Bracelet

DIY charm bracelet, DIY on What I Wore, Coin bracelet, How to make a coin bracelet, WIW DIY, Jessica Quirk, What I Wore, Style Blog

Antique Mercury Mirror Glass

Lace Heart Elbow Patches

Vintage Button Necklace


-Love June

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