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Pinterest Favorites: Fall

Hey guys! Fall is coming up so that means cozy sweaters, boots and dark mani’s. Lately instead being productive I’ve been on Pinterest all day. Here are some of my favorites-

cozy sweater for fall dressed up with a mini skirt

I love this outfit. I think the skirt is so pretty and it contrasts well with the chunky sweater.

This jacket is so cute! Its perfect for when its cold but not cold enough for a heavy jacket. The jewelry is so pretty too.  It’s cool how she layered the short necklace with the long ones.

Rustoleum's NeverWet (invisible until it rains!)

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! They used Rustoleum’s NeverWet. It goes on clear so the letters are invisible until they get wet. I really want to try this!

been looking for these belt knots for awhile now!

I’ve always had extra belt after I buckle it and never know what to do with it. The Double Loop Knot is cute. All of these would work great around cardigans or dresses or even around jeans with a great top tucked into them. I will definitely be trying these out this fall.


This look it so pretty. I love the eyelet sweater and with the scarf, oh! The combo of two different colored scarves tied together and then draped with that beautiful gold necklace is so genius.

Two bundt cakes stacked on top of each other=pumpkin. Use spice cake and cream cheese frosting for a fall flavor cake.

Ohhhh! One of my favorite parts of fall is pumpkin spice- lattes, muffins, ice cream whatever. Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake. Sometimes I invite people over just to have an excuse to bake (and also so I don’t eat it all myself). Anyways, this it such a good Idea. Take two pumpkin spice bunt cakes and glue them together with cream cheese icing mmmm. This would be great for a Halloween party or Thanksgiving or just because.

Hope You liked my favorites. You can follow me on pinterest and see more of my pins HERE. Its under a different name so don’t be confused, it’s still me. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

-Love, June

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I love Pinterest. I literally have no time for anything else because all day I’m just pinning things. But now I’m spending all my time on Wish. It’s an app that’s very similar to pinterest except based on your “wishes” they will give you gift cards or coupons to stores you might like. Also if the holidays are coming  up or for you birthday, your friends can look at you wishlist and buy a gift for you that they know you want. Warning: Wish is a very addicting app.
-Love, June

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Dotoly- Storenvy

I just found this amazing website that makes really cute jewelry. The site, Dotoly, is a store on, which is kind of like Etsy. Dotoly sells really cute animal jewelry and most of the peices are around $10.

Elephant Wrap Around Ring in Gunmetal Silver for MEN and WOMEN Sizes 4 to 15 Available

I really like this elephant ring. They have alot of wrap around rings like this but with different animals. I was thinking about getting it but I didn’t know if it would be too bulky or too out there.

I ended up getting two rings  which weren’t even animal rings but they’re cute.

SALE - Bow Tie Ribbon Knot Ring in Sizes 5 to 7   Feather Angel Wings Adjustable Ring in Silver with Textured Detail

I’m kind of nervous that I got ther wrong size ring but the angel wings ring is adjustable so that one should be okay. I super excited for these rings to come! Dotoly doesn’t just have animal jewelry if you think that stuff it weird. They have things like crosses, mustaches, and flowers too.

-Love, June

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Rings and Things



Nail PolishOPI Collins Ave (all fingers), OPI Pretty Pink  Rings: Jewelmint

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Feeling Fruity!

Check out this post.Feeling Fruity!

It captures the fruity essence of summer. I was posted by my very good friend and stlye blogger, Chase from chasingthefabulous.

After seeing the watermelon shirt and bracelet in her post, I  most definintely was feeling fruity. Heres what I came up with.

The quality is not so good in these pictures but my nails look a little better in person. I just wish i had a brighter pink and a more opaque green.











From left: Foot Loose by Essie, Dosh by Butter London, Chimney Sweep by Butter London, and No Chips Ahead by Essie.

-Love, June

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My Favorite Websites

For fashion I like to go on and I am a dedicated reader of both magazines.

Teen Vogue has has the latest trends covering fashion, beauty, and celebrities. Don’t be fooled by the “teen”. All the styles are completely wearable for ladies well out of their teens. They have many helpful how-to videos and other cool stuff. If you aren’t subscribed to the magazine, don’t worry. You can find all the articles featured in the current issue. However, if you do decide to subscribe, they usually offer a free bag with your purchase.  My absolute favorite feature of the website is the “Win It!” page. Each month a new set of prizes can be won. This month they have a prom pack including nail polish strips, whitening strips, contacts, lip balm, mascara, and acne treatment. Each month there is usually nail polish, clothing,  perfume, and other cool stuff. They also have career advice for young fashion aspire-rs like me.

Instlye also has many articles about the latest fashion, beauty, and celebrity trends. They have many lists of the best beauty buys. I recently bought a product for scrunching hair called Redken Wool Shake, that was featured on one of their lists. Instyle has more articles and pictures of celebrity style than Teen Vogue does. They have many tips to complete your outfits. They also have a game called Instant Stylist. You can test your fashion skills by finding the right piece to complete the outfit. Every month I am always so excited to see whats in the magazine has in store. I am never disappointed.

For jewelry my absolute favorite is

Jewel Mint  is one of those websites where you take a quiz and based on your style they recommend jewelry pieces you may like. Who is “they”, you make ask. Cher  Coulter and Kate Bosworth! Every month you get a new showroom(page with pieces just for you). Each piece is $29.99.  Say you don’t like any of the jewelry they have for you this month, no problem. You can skip the month and get a credit. Then the next month you can get a piece of jewelry for free! That’s right, don’t buy any thing for the whole month and get a free piece free the next month. Credits last one year but are also accumulative. So far i have only had to pay for one item out of five. Sienna Miller, Rachel Bilson, Isla Fisher, Teresa Palmer, and Emmanuelle Chriqui have all been spotted wearing jewelry from Jewel Mint. Other “Mint”s include Stlye Mint designed by the Olsen twins, Shoe Mint designed by Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez, Beauty Mint designed by Jessica Simpson and Nerida Joy, and Home Mint designed by Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley.

Check them out!

-Love, June

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