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I Could Use Your Help


Hey guys its been a really long time. I know. But school and whatever. Anyway I would really appreciate it if you click on this link. Its not a scam I promise.

Help me win tickets to see one of my favorite bands! Thanks so much!

Love, June

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Cookies For Kids’ Cancer

Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Recently I have started a fundraising project for Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. The organization supports pediatric cancer research through bake sales and donation. If you want to help please make a donation here. A few members of my family have battled cancer so this cause is very important to me. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
-Love, June


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My Reading Nook

Whaaaaaaaaaaats up!?!  Hi yall,so I thought I’d try to be cool and do a Polyvore thingy. I guess I’m blind or really oblivious but Polyvore has a Home section now? I’ve always wanted to decorate a house and I thought this would be a perfect way I see if I have any skills. You can be the judge:Reading Nook
Reading Nook by alwayssunnyinjune featuring a wall mounted shelving
You can’t probably tell but, um I happen to love books. There’s something so transporting about reading a good book. I love this book shelf because as a book lover I need all the space I can get. And how great is that sign? It describes me perfectly. Enjoy the weekend!
-Love, June
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Hey guys! As you probably noticed, I haven’t been posting that much. Currently I have so much work to do that I don’t ever have time to paint my nails! (for me that big) Anyway because of my lack of time to make multiple post imma just throw a bunch of  stuff into one post. Here we go:

What am I obsessing on these days?


This ones not really an obsession but here are my nails for this week.

Photo (3) Photo  Photo (2)

This month is October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I thought I’d go simple with a glitter heart and stripe of polka dots to show my support. I used Essie‘s Velvet Voyeur and Butter London‘s Rosie Lee for this look.


WALK THE MOON! Ok so this one is a real obsession. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Spotify these days(its like Pandora and ITunes in one) and I’ve been pretty much been only listening to Walk the Moon on it. I’ve heard Anna Sun, one of their songs, a while ago but I haven’t gotten really into them until now. Their music videos are the best by the way. And they do this really cool thing where they bring face paint to all their shows and everyone looks like they have war paint on.


Project Runway has always been one of my favorite shows. I love to see what the contestants come up and I just think how much of a fail I would be if I tried to do the stuff they do. The finale is coming up this  Thursday and I’m super excited.


My favorite book definitely has to be the Maze Runner. It’s one of those books of teens trying to survive being eaten and what not. The plot twist are awesome. The movie was scheduled to be released later this year but of course they’ve pushed it back to September 2014! Gahhh I can’t wait that long. But it’s good because it means that the movie will be really good because their taking time perfecting it. You might know that I really like the show Teen Wolf, and the main character in the Mazer Runner is being played by Dylan O’Brien!  It’s okay I don’t expect you to understand my fan girly-ness.

Yea so that’s whats happening with me right now. I hope you had a good Columbus Day? I don’t know do people really celebrate that? Till next time (could be in a few months because I’m really lazy)

-Love, June

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On Stumble Upon (a leading cause of my procrastination) I found a collection if cool and unsual stairs. They all look really fun but also kinda dangerous. Would you have these in your house? What do you think?

I’m also going away for a little bit so I won’t be posting for a while. I’m going on a service trip to0 the DR and I’m so excited! I hope you are enjoying your summer, I know I am!

-Love, June

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The Fault in Our Stars

Ahhh! I just finished this amzing book. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is such an inspirational book. I love to read and I’m always looking for new books to read. My friends kept telling me about TFiOS but when I heard it was a cancer book I was look oooh I don’t know if I can handle that. I assure you it its totally worth it. While you’ll most likely cry, you with also cry from laughing. The book follows two teen age lovers and the hardships that they face. TFiOS is an amazing story of courage and teaches you that when you give up on life you can always find something to live for. Here is a little Polyvore I put together to accompany my obsession:The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars by alwayssunnyinjune featuring black lace shorts
-Love, June
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Thanks you so much to for presenting my such an wonderful award I really apreciate it! If you want to see a great blog click the link.

Okay, so there are rules for this award:

1. Display the award badge on your blog

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

Alright so interesting things about myself…hmm

  1. I’ve lived in four different countries, 3 different continents. You could say I have respect for different cultures.
  2. I’m a terrible speller. I apoligize if you catch some typos.
  3. I don’t really have favorite things. Favorite color, animal, food, song, movie you name it I don’t have a favorite. I have things that I like a lot but there are so many things in the world, it’s hard to have favorites.
  4. I’m listening to a Skrillex station on Spotify right now. I really like Spotify because you can make your own playlists but thats only on the computer.
  5. I am really really uncoordinated. Throw something at me and it will probably hit me in the face. I prefer running because you don’t have to come in contact with anything. I like sprinting the best because you can get it over with faster and also I can barely run a mile.
  6. I made some chocolate chip cupcakes over the weekend…yum
  7. I’ve been really busy babysitting and stuff thats why this post is delayed. Also I my computer keeps freezing and I’m trying to make dinner.

Okay so some amazing inspiring blogs are:

  1. City Style Country Smile– She has really great style and DIY’s
  2. work/ play/ polish– This blog has amazing nail art.
  3. The Oven Mitt– Great recipies and pictures that look delicious
  4. Miss Renaissance-Nice nail polish ideas and recipies
  5. Kate Spanish– Great style and cute outfits!
  6. Poor Girl Fashionista– This blog has really good tips for a budget concious style
  7. Fabuliz Beauty– Pretty outfit ideas
  8. Nooney’s Nails– cool nail designs
  9. Style on the Couch– I’m really jealous of her amazing clothes
  10. Sparkle Girl’s Life– She has really good reviews
  11. le zoe musings– Good style and recipes and is a great mother
  12. Lacquer Land– Pretty nail art
  13. Sinful Stilettos-Great style and nails
  14. Canary Fayre– Awesome style and tips
  15. beilovebei-She has really cute clothes

Thanks again to this is an honor.

-Love, June


Random Wishlist

1. A Simple Ear Cuff


2. Ninja Cookie Cutters!

Ninja Cookie Cutters

3. Cute Workout Clothes

Images via Google

-Love, June

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-Love, June

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