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The DR!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! If you were wondering why I was lacking to post last week, which you probably weren’t, I was in the Dominican Republic.

My beautiful picture

I went on a service trip so it wasn’t a full on vacation but it still was so amazing. I cleaned up a lot of trash and helped build an aqueduct and planted mangroves. I also talked to natives who were trying to learn English. It felt really good to know that I made a difference even if it was only small in the grand scheme of things. While I was there everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It just shows how different our cultures are. Any day on the street if you wave to someone 9 times out of 10 they’ll wave back with a big smile on their face. Just think if you did that in NYC, people would think that your crazy. These people have so little but they make the most of it and I think that’s really admirable.

Aside from the service I went to some beaches and caves. One  of the beaches was really secluded because to get to it, you have to either hike or horseback ride. I also went to a waterfall.

It was really cool because the water was really shallow around the waterfall and you could swim right below it.

Going on service trips as apposed to vacations is so much more rewarding. Once you step out of the resort you can get a whole new perspective of the country. It’s easier to absorb the culture if you stay outside a resort. Overall this trip will be an experience that I’ll never forget.

-Love, June



On Stumble Upon (a leading cause of my procrastination) I found a collection if cool and unsual stairs. They all look really fun but also kinda dangerous. Would you have these in your house? What do you think?

I’m also going away for a little bit so I won’t be posting for a while. I’m going on a service trip to0 the DR and I’m so excited! I hope you are enjoying your summer, I know I am!

-Love, June

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It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’m really sorry but I was on an amazing cruise to Alaska! The ship was completely cut off from WiFi except in the library which costed money. Not being at my phone and computer 24/7 was actually really nice and gave my time to just relax. Going to Alaska was a drastic change in temperature coming from the hot East Coast. In Alaska I saw some glaciers, went zip lining, and went rock climbing. it was so much fun and the food was really amazing. Here are some pictures from Alaska.

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